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We are pleased to offer a full-day event that inspires you in your EDI journey and empowers your entire team. Based on fall 2021 survey feedback from the EDI campus leaders, the spring 2022 Symposium includes specialty sessions aligned with Illinois State University’s “10 EDI Pillars of Progress”. These sessions will provide you and your team members with the skills, strategies, and ideas needed to effectively implement your EDI goals in your units, schools, departments, and colleges. Additionally, the day will offer ample opportunities to exchange concrete ideas to move your EDI committees forward with colleagues. On behalf of our planning committee, we welcome you to take full advantage of this opportunity to explore new approaches, offer your insights and lived experiences, and connect with others as we continue to build a shared community that advances equity, inclusion, and anti-racism at Illinois State.

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Normal, IL

EDI Leaders Circle Symposium Program Booklet, 2022