Annual Report, Educate-Connect-Elevate, Fiscal Year 2019

Illinois State University


With the first year of our new strategic plan complete, the University community is already bringing the plan’s strategic directions, objectives, and actions into reality across campus. Our academic leaders, staff members, and students are consistently engaged in a dialogue through which they EDUCATE one another— learning and teaching within and beyond the classroom. Guided by our Vision and Core Values, ideas and concepts become experiments and plans blossom into robust initiatives. Students, graduates, and scholars throughout every college develop rich interpersonal networks that CONNECT the University to ideas and resources throughout our world. Discoveries are made, new knowledge is created, problems are solved, and artistic breakthroughs are manifested. These achievements and innovations are the products of a rich spectrum of diverse minds bringing myriad points of view to the forefront. Through the fulfillment of this strategic plan, efforts combine to strengthen and ELEVATE the institution. Illinois State University continues its rise as illustrated through the selected accomplishments contained in this report.