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Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)


Department of Psychology

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Brea M. Banks


Although data has shown that psychology graduate programs are actively recruiting more Students of Color every year, there is not as much evidence that these programs are able to adequately support these students once they arrive. The purpose of the current study is to examine how Latiné graduate students’ experiences of microaggressions from their supervisor affects their supervisory relationship, as well as their perceptions of their graduate program climate. I collected survey data from 80 Latiné psychology graduate students from across the United States and conducted small focus groups with five participants. I found that exposure to microaggressions within supervision does negatively affect the supervisory relationship. I also found that exposure to microaggressions negatively affects the students’ perceptions of program climate. The focus groups revealed that Latiné graduate students experienced a variety of negative responses to the microaggressions that affected how they engaged with their supervisor and their program. Future directions and limitations are discussed.


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