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Master of Fine Arts (MFA)

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Jason Reblando


With Love & Rage: A Self Portrait of Borderline Personality Disorder analyses how I use the act of taking self portraits to materialize emotions through photographic means. When I experience intense emotions symptomatic of borderline personality disorder, positive or negative, their onset is routinely sudden and overwhelming; what follows is an impulsive desire to photograph myself to archive the present before the emotions shift or return to stable levels.The Rage images document the emotional aftermath of a sexual assault and rape; anger and depression, by using a red-scale film to emphasize both confrontational and dissociated body language. The Love images record a state of hypersexuality that is subdued through how I use the camera to frame the images, resulting in a reclamation of agency over my body and sexuality in a positive way. This thesis examines both series of images, born from my lived experiences, through a clinical understanding of borderline personality disorder and artistic research into self portraiture and agency.


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