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Master of Science (MS)


Department of Psychology: Clinical-Counseling Psychology

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Suejung Han


The purpose of the current study was to examine the links between disordered eating and body/weight related comments and messages from fathers through the lens of objectification theory (Fredrickson & Roberts, 1997). The specific role of fathers in shaping their daughter’s disordered eating behaviors has not been examined sufficiently. I hypothesized that self-objectification would be associated with messages from fathers about dieting and appearance. I also hypothesized that the relationship between fathers’ messages and their daughter’s disordered eating behaviors would be mediated by self-objectification. Participants completed an online survey which measured perceived messages/pressures from fathers, self-objectification, and disordered eating behaviors. Results of path analyses using PROCESS MACRO supported the hypotheses. This finding suggested that fathers influence their daughters’ disordered eating through appearance and eating related comments that increase self-objectification. Suggestions for interventions addressing the perpetuation of and impact of objectifying messages are given.


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