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Thesis and Dissertation

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Master of Science (MS)


Department of Agriculture

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David E. Kopsell


Golf course putting greens typically consist of creeping bentgrass on sandy soils. Creeping bentgrass is mowed at extremely short heights, limiting root growth and making it vulnerable to different pests. Sandy profiles make it difficult for creeping bentgrass to take up nutrients and water. Tytanit combines sulfur, magnesium, and titanium-ascorbate as a biostimulant to increase chlorophyll content within the plant, increase yields, and assist in fighting biotic and abiotic diseases such as diseases and drought. Previous studies have shown benefits in plant growth, but results have been inconsistent. No previously reported studies have been performed on turfgrass using Tytanit. Therefore, this study determined the effect of foliar applied titanium to L-93 creeping bentgrass putting greens on engineered sand rooting profiles at two locations in Central Illinois. Two treatment plots and a control plot were studied during this research project. The label rate for horticulture crops (0.07% of total tank volume; 1x) and the label rate for agronomic crops (0.14% of total tank volume; 2x) were both applied and studied during this project. Soil and tissue samples were analyzed throughout the duration of the project. Digital photos were analyzed to test visual chlorophyll differences between the treatment areas. Potassium tissue concentration increased with magnesium, sulfur, and copper tissue concentration with the agronomic rate of Tytanit at Mounier Golf Training Center at Weibring Golf Club in Normal, IL. Phosphorus, manganese, and zinc tissue concentration decreased during this time frame. Calcium, magnesium, iron, and manganese tissue concentration increased with the horticultural rate of Tytanit at Lauritsen/Wohler’s Outdoor Golf Practice Facility, Urbana, IL. Titanium did impact plant growth in this study, but the results were location and nutrient specific, so it is recommended that further research be conducted on this product.


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