Finding Hovey 03: Field Sword


Finding Hovey 03: Field Sword


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Hovey wore this sword on the battlefield during the Civil War. Though technically a saber (backsword with a curved blade associated with cavalry), the regalia has been most commonly referred to through the years as a ‘sword.’ This piece would likely have been purchased by or for Hovey when he entered war service. The supplier engraved on the hilt is named “W.H. Horstmann & Son, Philadelphia,” and was a major supplier of military regalia during the war. This staff-and-field sword best represents the regulation design of officer swords of the time. This sword was cleaned and then stabilized by conservators at The Conservation Center while the Hovey portrait was restored.

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The file represents part of the physical exhibit Finding Hovey, which was displayed in Milner Library, Illinois State University, from February 1 to 20, 2022.

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Finding Hovey 03: Field Sword