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Charleston Conference on Issues in Book and Serial Acquisition, November 5, 2009

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In an era of consistently poor funding for materials budgets, libraries must work to identify the most cost-effective solutions for providing access to information needed by patrons. Consortia play an important role in these solutions for many libraries and can help leverage their buying power to provide widespread access to various publishers’ content at more affordable costs. The CARLI consortium in Illinois formed a Statewide Serials Collection Task Force in 2006 to “investigate various collaborative options related to print and electronic serials collections across the state.” As part of this group's work, the Worldcat Collection Analysis tool, commonly employed for evaluating monographic collections, was used to identify widely held serials titles in Illinois academic libraries. These titles were then matched to publisher in order to identify those publishers which contributed most heavily to the statewide print serials collection. Subsidized or brokered consortial access to these widely held publishers' e-journals would therefore be expected to be of the greatest benefit to the most libraries within the consortium.