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Stevenson Center, homelessness, assessment, shelter, supportive services, Salvation Army, Applied Social Research Unit


In August 2002, The Salvation Army commissioned the Applied Social Research Unit (ASRU) of Illinois State University to conduct research about homelessness, housing needs and availability, and resources and needs for supportive services. The Salvation Army of Bloomington, Illinois, plans to rebuild its current homeless shelter, Safe Harbor. The primary goal of ASRU’s research and this report is to inform The Salvation Army’s plans for shelter design, utilization, and associated programming. (A separate addendum to this report released to The Salvation Army contains information specific to the Bloomington Corps’s and Safe Harbor Shelter’s operations and facilities.) A potential outcome of this report—one called for by study participants—is increased community awareness about homelessness issues. Increased awareness can strengthen connections among people experiencing homelessness, community organizations and services (e.g., health and human services, government, faith-based), and McLean County residents to address homelessness and related issues.