This study discusses the continuously growing threat to the senior citizens*), later called seniors, who can be isolated from the society if their digital competences and experiences are too poor in today’s digital world. It has been noted that to cope with one’s pursuits seniors need to actively construct and maintain their capabilities in ways that are flexible in the world of the digital devices, in response to the changing vicissitudes of life. Thus, the claim above illuminates the issue that the ability to learn from experiences is highly valued in the digital world.

The seniors are obliged to closely take into consideration the changes in the environment and also flexibly respond to them as we live in the world of constantly unexpected incidents and changes. In future, the seniors are more and more expected to accept the modernized and renewed digital systems to be able to survive in everyday life.

The results of this study indicate that the readiness, willingness and ability to develop oneself digitally are influenced partly by the knowledge and skills resulting from the studies and work experience, and also partly by the necessity and force of the digital world. The global challenges call seniors for new directions in education and training. The final outcome of this study helps digital trainers and specialists to educate on the curriculum basis senior trainees in the subjects which require their digital skills. Consequently, the seniors want to be regarded as good citizens also in this digital field.