Educate-Connect-Elevate Annual Report, Fiscal Year 2022

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I am pleased to present the FY22 Educate • Connect • Elevate Annual Report highlighting the many accomplishments of Illinois State University in fiscal year 2022, the fourth year in implementation of Educate • Connect • Elevate: Illinois State - The Strategic Plan for Illinois’ First Public University. Illinois State’s 2021-2022 academic year was particularly exciting as we returned to a more traditional campus experience with in-person classes, more students living in residence halls, and more university wide events. The challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic continued, but the University rose to those challenges with health and safety procedures to assure a very successful year of teaching, research, and service to the larger community. Illinois State also took many steps to plan for and work toward a bright and innovative future. This report provides a snapshot of our achievements for the fiscal year and reveals many contributions made in support of the University’s core values: Learning and Scholarship, Individualized Attention, Diversity and Inclusion, Civic Engagement, Respect, Integrity, and Collaboration. I am proud of the University and its success, the result of the outstanding efforts of our dedicated faculty, staff, and students. A few highlights from the fiscal year include the Illinois Board of Higher Education’s approval of Illinois State University’s request to establish a College of Engineering and Departments of Electrical and Mechanical Engineering, completion of the University’s first Sustainability Strategic Plan, development of the Faculty Diversity Enhancement Program, partnership with the Hope Chicago scholarship program for Chicago Public School students and their parents, the implementation of the Illinois Tutoring Initiative, and the University’s upgraded rating from Moody’s.