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Politics and Government


Michaelene Cox

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Politics and Government


This research project is one of a series of individual photo essays undertaken to explore current or potential human security threats at the local level. This project accompanies essays completed by other members of class to give a holistic view of the state of human security in Bloomington-Normal. This essay focuses specifically on current and potential sources of economic insecurity in Bloomington-Normal. Studies in human security are generally regarded as interdisciplinary frameworks centered on the welfare of people, rather than conventional state-centered notions of national security and are often linked to discussions about freedom from want and freedom from fear. There are few studies that employ this concept at local levels within developed countries, and thus our community serves as a site of inquiry for this class project. My own collection of captioned photographs and accompanying narratives underscores the subjective nature in determining who defines security, what it constitutes and who is at risk, and demonstrates that perceptions of human (in)security can be made visible through arts-based research methodologies.

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