Document Type

Capstone Project

Publication Date

Summer 7-28-2018


Stevenson Center, Risk Assessment, Pretrial, Actuarial Risk Assessment, Actuarial Risk Assessment Tool, McLean County, Jail, Bond, Bail, Pretrial Release

First Advisor

Dr. Hassan Mohammadi

Second Advisor

Dr. Frank Beck


Actuarial risk assessment tools increasingly have been employed in jurisdictions across the U.S. to assist courts in the decision of whether someone charged with a crime should be detained or released prior to their trial. These tools should be continually monitored and researched by independent 3rd parties to ensure that these powerful tools are being administered properly and used in the most proficient way as to provide socially optimal results. McLean County, Illinois began using the Public Safety Assessment-CourtTM (PSA-Court or simply PSA) risk assessment tool beginning in 2016. This study culls data from the McLean County Jail to test whether the PSA-Court has been successful with respect to Failure To Appear (FTA) in the 2 ½ years since its implementation.