Service Learning and Innovative Pedagogies

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In this volume, leading scholars from the fields of communication, educational psychology, and international education address what is known about the strategic role of interpersonal communication in the teaching/learning process. Instruction often involves spoken communication that carries information from teacher to learner, and in these instances the teacher's skillful and strategic use of language has a measurable impact on learning outcomes. Thus, the cumulative findings of instructional communication research are instrumental in maximizing the efficiency and effectiveness of both teaching and learning. Major sections of this volume include: Historical and Theoretical Foundations Instructor Characteristics and Behaviors Student Characteristics and Outcomes Pedagogy and Classroom Management Teaching and Learning Communication Across the Life-span This handbook serves researchers, professors, and graduate students by surveying the collective findings of research and experience concerning the intentional activity of teaching and learning. Contributions from over 40 leading scholars from Europe, Australasia, and the Americas Chapters with thorough and well-documented reviews of research and practice Extensive reference lists for follow-up reading and study


This chapter was published in Communication and Learning, edited by Paul Witt. De Gruyter Mouton. 2016.