Submissions from 2020


The Gamification of Code: Programming Through Play in Blended Classrooms, Kristin Carlson and Rick Valentin

Submissions from 2019


Using NGOMSL for Formative Feedback Generation in a Virtual Learning Environment, Yi-hsiang Isaac Chang and Kevin L. Devine

Submissions from 2017


Filter Bubble, Selective Exposure, and Integrative Complexity, Elahe Javadi, Nancy L. Novotny, Elnaz Mirrahimi, and Navid Rajabi

Submissions from 2015


Gender Differences in Attitudes Toward Science and Technology Among Majors, A. A. Gokhale, C. Rabe-Hemp, L. Woeste, and K. Machina

Submissions from 2014

Gender Differences In Attitudes Toward IT Among IT Majors, Anu Gokhale and Kenton Machina

Submissions from 2013


Scale To Measure Attitudes Toward Information Technology, A. A. Gokhale, P. E. Brauchle, and K. F. Machina

Submissions from 2012


Perceptions of Science and Technology: A Comparison of Criminal Justice and Traditional Science and Technology Majors, Cara E. Rabe-Hemp, Anu Gokhale, and Lori Woeste

Submissions from 2010


Interventions for Increasing Male and Female Undergraduate Interest in Information Technology, Illinois State University


Maintaining Positive Attitudes Toward Science and Technology in First‐Year Female Undergraduates: Peril and Promise, K. Machina and A. Gokhale

Submissions from 2009


Development and Validation of a Scale to Measure Attitudes Toward Science and Technology, Anu Gokhale, Paul Brauchle, and Kenton Machina

Submissions from 2008

Helping Him See: Guiding a Visually Impaired Student Through the Computer Science Curriculum, M. E. Califf, M. M. Goodwin, and J. Brownell