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Olcay Akman
Illinois State University, USA

Spora: A Journal of Biomathematics is a refereed undergraduate journal dedicated to publishing high quality manuscripts that describe mathematical and statistical techniques to solve problems in biological settings. Submitted papers may take various forms, including development of a mathematical model of a biological system, possibly including experimental work; development of a particular solution or method related to biological systems; or computational, statistical, or theoretical analysis of existing mathematical models in biology.

Spora: A Journal of Biomathematics is further committed to publishing high quality manuscripts describing novel findings in experimental biology. Manuscripts may be submitted to the Biology section across a wide range of biological disciplines, including, but not limited to, genetics, molecular and cellular biology, ecology and evolution, and physiology and neurobiology, along with interdisciplinary research in genomics and bioinformatics. Accepted papers will present novel, well-supported findings in a clear and concise manner, at a level expected from undergraduate authors.

Current Issue: Volume 3, Issue 1 (2017)

Mathematics Research


The Interaction of Calcium and Metabolic Oscillations in Pancreatic β-cells
Mary Aronne, Samantha Clapp, Soohwan Jung, Abigail Kramer, William Wang, Janita Patwardhan, Bradford E. Peercy, and Arthur Sherman


Agent-Based Models of the Green Dot Bystander Violence Prevention Program on College Campuses
Parkes Kendrick, Tsikata Apenyo, and Hannah Callender Highlander


Modeling the Spread of the Zika Virus at the 2016 Olympics
Triona S. Matheson, Brian Satterthwaite, and Hannah Callender Highlander


Age-Structured and Vaccination Models of Devil Facial Tumor Disease
Christopher D. Bruno, Timothy Comar, Megan O. Powell, and Adjo Tameklo