Spora: A Journal of Biomathematics is a refereed journal dedicated to publishing high quality manuscripts that describe mathematical and statistical techniques to solve problems in biological settings. Submitted papers may take various forms, including development of a mathematical model of a biological system, possibly including experimental work; development of a particular solution or method related to biological systems; or computational, statistical, or theoretical analysis of existing mathematical models in biology.

Current Volume: Volume 10 (2024)

Front Matter


A Decade of Success
Editorial Board

Mathematics Research


A Coupled Model of Population, Poaching, and Economic Dynamics to Assess Rhino Conservation Through Legal Trade
Henry Doyle, Kylie Champagne, Ditto Rajpal, Grace Seebeck, and David J. Gerberry

Biology Research


Contrasting Tick Species Behaviors: A Course-based Undergraduate Research Experience (CURE)
Sara Benham, Shovan Dutta, Rohan Maddamsetti, Clayton Wright, Alena Anderson, David T. Gauthier, and Holly D. Gaff



Compartmental Modeling for the Neophyte: An Application of Berkeley Madonna
Olcay Akman, Siddharth Bhumpelli, Cody Cline, and Christopher Hay-Jahans