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Current Volume: Volume 7 (2021)

Front Matter

Mathematics Research


Flattening the Curve: The effects of intervention strategies during COVID-19
Kelly A. Reagan, Rachel J. Pryor, Gonzalo M. Bearman, and David M. Chan


Kleptoparasitic Hawk-Dove Games
Isabella H. Evans-Riester, Chasity T. Kay, Karina L. Ortiz-Suarez, Jan Rychtář, and Dewey Taylor


A Study of COVID-19 Mortality Under Varying Patient Frailty
Alison Sifuentes, Olcay Akman, and Daniel Hrozencik


Empirical Fitting of Periodically Repeating Environmental Data
Pavel Bělík, Andrew Hotchkiss, Brandon Perez, and John Zobitz