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Creative Technologies


Sercan Sengun

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Creative Technologies


Individuals frequently socialize with each other leisurely or professionally with different etiquettes and attires depending on the circumstances. As individuals present themselves to potential new acquaintances, friends, and/or associates, those peers judge them primarily from a visual perspective, typically focusing on their looks rather than their actions and characteristics. With the advancement of technology, individuals meet and socialize more and more in virtual environments and platforms where they can change and control the way they look and sound to others. In addition, individuals are given the choice to exercise different levels of anonymity on many platforms such as social media, forum threads, online gaming, etc. In this study, we analyze the behaviors and preferences of young college students as they design their virtual avatars both for a business and a leisure scenario. We investigate the decisions and interactions of the participants as they create their avatars using quantitative data such as the number of options they explore and the time they spend on each option and category. We create a comparative framework between the avatars created for business versus leisure purposes. By looking at how users want to present themselves in the digital world for different purposes, we aim to provide insights on how to improve sociological aspects of online interactions and gaming.

Business Or Pleasure: A Qualitative Report On How People Present Themselves Digitally