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Family and Consumer Sciences


Ui-Jeen Yu

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Family and Consumer Sciences


Faux suede textiles have caught the attention of many consumers looking for an ecofriendlier way of wearing leather and animal cruelty-free alternatives. According to prior studies, faux suede fabrics made of microfibers could have unevenness in dyeing because microfibers require more dyestuffs than regular fibers to attain a given shade depth. Since microfibers contain greater amounts of dye than regular fibers, fabrics made of microfibers may have poor wet colorfastness. As few studies have investigated colorfastness of faux suede fabrics made from microfibers, the purpose of this study was to examine the colorfastness of faux suede fabrics. Two faux suede fabrics with and without stretch, commonly used in the textiles market, were selected as samples in this study, including a 100% polyester non-stretch faux suede fabric and a 90% polyester/10% spandex stretch faux suede fabric. These two fabric samples were tested, using AATCC standard test methods about colorfastness. Results indicate the non-stretch suede fabric had significant color staining to other fibers due to laundering and poor colorfastness due to frosting, while the stretch faux suede fabric had significant color staining to other fibers, due to perspiration, laundering, and poor colorfastness to crocking. Both fabrics did not have shade changes due to perspiration, laundering, crocking, and frosting. The stretch faux suede fabric showed more severe color staining/transfer due to perspiration, laundering, and crocking, compared with the non-stretch faux suede fabric. Considering the test results, more detailed care instructions for these suede fabrics should be given to consumers to help them prevent severe color staining on other materials.


Authors: Meara Walsh, Kylie Victorine, Olivia Asbridge, Marissah Cook, Amy McCaslin, Ui-Jeen Yu

A Comparison of Qualities of Colorfastness for Non-Stretch versus Stretch Faux Suede Fabrics