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Jordan Arellanes

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This study looked into the impacts of parental roles and cultural identity on adolescent academic resiliency. Parents (mothers and fathers separately) who were less involved in a student’s academic life as well as students who had lower levels of cultural identity demonstrated an overall lower level of academic resilience. This suggests that parent roles of students may vary by youths’ cultural identity which impact students’ academic resiliency. Data was collected from two sources, 1) a Qualtrics survey of Latino students who did not attend college and 2) a generalized population of ISU students through SONA data collection software for a total sample size of 587 (Ages=18-26). Both qualitative and quantitative questions were asked to participants regarding their culture, values, family structures and support on and off campus or lack thereof. For the variable of parental roles (mothers and fathers separately) qualitative reports were reviewed and coded by seven undergraduate and graduate researchers. Researchers coded the data on a 1-5 scale with 1=very negative to 5 very positive. The mean score of the seven researchers was utilized in this project. Academic Resilience was measured using the Academic Resilience scale (ARS-30). This scale has three subscales. The moderation model that will be used throughout this study will test each subscale independently. The moderation model that will be used throughout this study shows how parental roles and cultural identity affect youth’s academic resilience. We look into Latino identity and college attendance to understand if there are differences between population groups. Preliminary findings suggest that cultural identity and parental roles did not differ by population groups. Yet there is evidence to suggest an indirect relationship of parental roles by cultural identity on academic resiliency.


Authors: Vanessa Diaz, Grace Martinez, Allie McLarty, and Jordan Arellanes

Parental Roles And Cultural Identity On Academic Resiliency