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Politics and Government


Michaelene Cox

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Politics and Government


Nargiza Yusupova

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Politics and Government


This topic will explore how the Hong Kong people are trying to fight for their sovereignty from China. Hong Kong was a British colony for 156 years and was given back to China. Hong Kong was only a part of China for about 23 years. The Chinese Community Party (CCP) and Hong Kong existed side by side for many years under two different governments. After Hong Kong’s transition, the CCP refers to the arrangement as “one state, two systems.” But the CCP has a history of making its land homogenous which can be seen in areas such Tibet and Xianjing. My research question is: How can we assess the value Hong Kong people place on their independence and sovereignty from the CCP? Recent Hong Kong protests are one of the most recorded and photographed protests in modern media. This art-based research project will show the chronology and escalation of the unrest. The presentation will have visuals drawn from news media sources and/or image databases that cover the struggles of the Hong Kong people’s fight against police and the CCP, which will give insight on how much the people are willing to struggle for their sovereignty.


This project has not received IRB approval.

Security of Freedom for the People of Hong Kong

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