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Capstone Project

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First Advisor

Antony Joseph, MA., Au.D., Ph.D., ABAC, CCC-A, CPS/A, F-NAP


This project aimed to explore the foundational connection between Audiology and interprofessional education as reflected in published scientific reports, while also identifying the common tools utilized in audiology interprofessional education and interprofessional practice research. Through a comprehensive literature review and analysis of publications encompassing both Audiology and those without, it was observed that studies involving audiology often lacked the utilization of validated interprofessional education surveys. In contrast, publications not focused on Audiology exhibited a higher prevalence of using validated interprofessional education surveys. Within audiology-inclusive publications, two specific questionnaires emerged as frequently employed in interprofessional education research. This analysis identifies the perceived need for an enhanced integration of interprofessional training, assessment tools, and research within the field of Audiology.