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The COVID-19 Consequences of College Class Continuity Calculator

Sharon Bewick, Clemson University
Erika Ludden, Clemson University
Suzanne Robertson, Virginia Commonwealth University
Jeffrey Demers, University of Maryland, College Park


Choosing a Research Question in Applied Mathematics, from Mentors to Novices

Carlos Castillo-Garsow, Eastern Washington University


Prime Supporters in College Students' Support Networks

David Chan, VCU
Hollee McGinnis, VCU
Michael Broda, VCU
Haya Hamid, VCU
Jeremy Winslow, VCU
Quindel Jones, VCU
Joy Ma, VCU


Teaching Quantitative Modeling Remotely

Dmitry Kondrashov, University of Chicago


A Teaching Module for Mathematical Epidemiology Using Matlab or R

Glenn Ledder, University of Nebraska - Lincoln


Biology for the Global Citizen, A New Non-Majors Biology Text with Laboratories Using Computer Simulations

Angela B. Shiflet, Wofford College
George W. Shiflet, Wofford College
Murray P. Pendarvis, Southeastern Louisiana State University