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Diversity, Inclusion


The University of Pennsylvania’s Center for the Study of Race and Equity in Education, in collaboration with Office of the Vice President for Student Affairs, recently completed a comprehensive campus climate assessment of Illinois State University. This included inviting all campus stakeholders to participate in a climate survey, which was collaboratively designed to assess broad issues of diversity and inclusion; the University's competency in addressing matters of harassment and discrimination; the ways in which faculty and staff respond to changing institution demographics; the extent to which the University is committed and responsive to matters of diversity and inclusion; and perceptions regarding the current campus climate as one supportive of equality and equitable outcomes for all stakeholders. A total of 1,952 respondents (faculty, staff, and students) initiated the survey, yielding 1,301 completed surveys and an overall 66% completion rate In addition, and consistent with our work at other colleges and universities across the nation, we spent three days on-campus at Illinois State University facilitating dozens of focus groups with students, faculty, and staff. These groups were identified and by the institution as communities whom could provide both a broad and deep sense of the campus climate for purposes of the assessment.