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Stevenson Center, Good To Go Commuter Challenge, WGLT Radio, sustainability, transportation


This report contains results of an impact study of previous participants of the Good To Go Commuter Challenge in McLean County, IL. The survey was designed to gauge the impact of the 2011 and 2012 Good To Go Commuter Challenges in promoting year-round sustainable commuting among Challenge participants.

221 surveys were completed out of possible 1077 user registrations on the Good To Go online registration tool, a response rate of 20.5%. Results revealed that the Challenge appears to be successful in at least modest travel behavior change by participants.

Overall, 40.4% of respondents increased the frequency in which they chose sustainable transportation modes after having participated in the Challenge. Moreover, 15% of respondents eliminated drive alone commuting following Challenge participation. Bicycling saw the greatest increase of any particular mode, with 19% of respondents who had not bike commuted previously choosing to do so after participating in the Challenge.

The survey results indicate that the program positively impacted year-round commuting behavior among Bloomington-Normal residents who participated in the Commuter Challenge and underscore the importance of continued promotion of the program in the community.



Bruce Bergethon, WGLT General Manager

Town Planner Mercy Davison, AICP, Town of Normal, IL


Alex Skorpinski, Content Manager; College of Applied Sciences and Technology, Illinois State University

This study was made possible by the generous support of the Pohlmann Family Development Grant