Document Type

Capstone Project

Publication Date

Spring 5-8-2013


Jordan, Syria, Refugees, Hosting Refugees, Transnational Conflict, Politics, Stevenson Center


In this paper I am considering the numerous effects that hosting refugees can have on a host country. These effects can be seen when examining a host country’s health, economic, educational, and security sectors. In addition, many cases of refugee flows are associated with conflict contagion, which may cause a refugee population to become militarized. After reviewing the relevant literature on these topics, I study how these possible effects unfold in the context of the Syrian refugees currently escaping to Jordan from their civil war. The Kingdom of Jordan and its people are significantly affected by the increased stresses that have been seen in all services as a result of more than 500,000 Syrian refugees. Additionally, the transnational threats of Syrian opposition fighters operating from within Jordan and the potential of Syrian government reprisals against Jordan are significant and growing threats that must be considered. Through a qualitative analysis of secondary sources, I examine these threats and make conclusions as to how Jordan’s current course of action may affect the country and its population in the long term.


The author is a Peace Corps Masters International student through ISU's Stevenson Center for Community and Economic Development. This capstone paper project was completed during his Peace Corps service in the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan.