Document Type

Capstone Project

Publication Date

Summer 2022


Multi-Family Housing, Affordable Housing, Resource Guide, Regional Planning, Economic Development


In 2015, an interjurisdictional group of leaders in McLean County identified the need to take a regional approach to housing issues in the county and shortly thereafter they created the Regional Housing Initiative. This entity is led by the McLean County Regional Planning Commission and includes two committees who work together to identify gaps in housing, coordinate resources, and implement solutions for housing needs in the community. To support these efforts, the Regional Housing Initiative identified the need to compile resources to support multi-family housing acquisition, development, and preservation. This capstone presents the result of that request. The Municipal Housing Resource Guide identifies multi-family affordable housing resources from Federal, State, Regional, and other non-profit or miscellaneous entities. To develop this Guide, research was conducted on the context for the development of this Guide including the history of the McLean County Regional Planning Commission and their involvement in regional initiatives and the background of Federally assisted housing programs. Additionally, the local context and purpose of the Guide is explored and the development of the Guide is outlined. After the Municipal Housing Resource Guide is presented, the capstone outlines how the Guide may be used, its limitations, and three major challenges that multi-family housing stakeholders face and recommendations and strategies to ameliorate them.