Document Type

Capstone Project

Publication Date

Spring 4-17-2023


farmworkers, H-2A workers, housing, conditions


Farmworkers in the U.S. are often subjected to substandard living situations. However, since they are primarily seasonal, migrant, or temporary work visa holders, limited attention is focused on their quality of life. Although farmworkers are some of the hardest working people, they are typically exposed to extreme weather and working conditions, have the highest percentage of people among the working poor, face restrictive access to education and health care, etc. While service providers, such as housing developers and healthcare specialists, are concerned about these individuals’ well-being, there is still minimal research available about current farmworker trends. This report seeks to revisit the Housing Assistance Council’s (HAC) 2002 farmworker report and provide an updated version that reflects the changes in farmworker housing trends in the previous two decades. Combined with annual data gathered by the Department of Labor (DOL) on the quality of life of farmworkers pulled from the National Agricultural Worker Survey (NAWS), this report investigates the current housing conditions of farmworkers around the United States as a starting point to future research by HAC.