Document Type

Capstone Project

Publication Date

Spring 5-16-2023


homelessness, housing insecurity, veterans, transitions


The author's focus is what happens to our military men and women after they come home from wars “over there” and what happens after their last day when they put on civilian clothes and decide to hang up the uniform for good. There will always be wars and will always be a need to help care for and help integrate combat veterans back into everyday society in America. Both the soldier and his or her family will need help. A recent motto of Department of Veteran’s Affairs office was borrowed from President Abraham Lincoln- “To help care for him who have borne the battle, and his widow and his orphan”.. The title of this study is also a window into the research done for this study- "Hopeless to Homeless to Hired to Housing: Helping transition our homeless veteran heroes into American communities by identifying the potential short-term and long-term problems and risks that lower enlisted servicemen and servicewomen have when leaving the military that can lead to housing insecurity and homelessness in the post 9-11 era". Both military and civilian agencies and programs such as FourBlock, DoD Skillbridge, Flanders Fields and the United States Interagency Council on Homelessness (USICH) are explored for their contributions before, during and after life in the military to help end veteran homelessness

Faculty Project Director

Frank Beck


Advisors; Dr. Carl Palmer- Professor, Illinois State Politics and Government, Ms. Grace Allbaugh- Political Science Librarian Illinois State Milner Library, Mr. Chad Kahl- Law Librarian Illinois State Milner Library, and Illinois State Army ROTC Lieutenant Colonel (LTC) Kevin Kline