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Capstone Project

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Stevenson Center, Housing, Affordable Housing, Inclusionary Zoning, Local Government


The United States is currently facing an extreme shortage of affordable housing. To address this lack of affordable housing some municipalities have chosen to implement inclusionary zoning policies, also known as inclusionary housing ordinances. These policies require certain market-rate housing developments to set aside a percentage of units within the development to be priced at a level affordable to a low to moderate income household. Within Illinois seven municipalities have implemented inclusionary zoning policies to address local affordable housing shortages. This report analyzed the inclusionary housing ordinances of three Illinois municipalities, Evanston, Highland Park, and Oak Park. Despite taking the first steps to addressing the affordable housing needs of their communities, each of these inclusionary housing ordinances on their own are not enough to eliminate the shortage of affordable housing units. Ultimately, for inclusionary zoning policies to be successful, they need to be paired with more direct efforts to support future affordable housing developments.

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Dr. Carl Palmer

Available for download on Thursday, August 15, 2024