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Capstone Project

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Stevenson Center, ethnic identification, Tibati, Cameroon


The purpose of this paper is to analyze state versus ethnic identification among residents of Tibati, Cameroon, and to question whether identification suggests the existence of tribalism. This study explores how residents of Tibati who more strongly identify with their ethnic group than the state are more likely to express dissatisfaction with the Cameroonian government, using information collected through informal conversations about the level of satisfaction of Tibatians with regards to both their ethnic group and the Cameroonian government.

This paper provides a synopsis of the major ethnic groups in Tibati and a brief historical summary of Cameroonian state evolution from its independence in 1960 to the present day. Using research gleaned through observation and conversation, this paper will reflect upon the political and ethnic sentiments of a mid-sized Cameroonian village one year before its scheduled presidential election, to be held in 2011.