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Dissertation-ISU Access Only

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Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)


Mennonite College of Nursing

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Kim Astroth


This dissertation includes three chapters that will add to the body of evidence on Medicare Wellness Visit (MWV) services. The beginning of Chapter I describes challenges associated with the human aging process, disease burden, and wellness followed by a review of literature on Medicare wellness service research. The latter portions of Chapter I provide implications for future research opportunities related to the evidence gap. Chapter II describes a retrospective case–control study designed to address the lack of evidence surrounding Medicare wellness visit influences on health outcomes. Chapter II provides the theoretical framework, research methodology, results, limitations, and conclusions of the Medicare wellness service study. Chapter III discusses the implications of this research on population health outcomes in ambulatory nursing practice within emerging healthcare reform initiatives.

KEYWORDS: Medicare Wellness Visit, Medicare Health Promotion, Preventive Care, Ambulatory Nursing, Population Health Outcomes, Primary Care.


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