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Master of Arts (MA)


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Susan M. Kim


With the advancement of technology and the complexity that a digital object can contain, the undergraduate student is able to take steps toward the original document. Through a digital medium, scholarly, editorial, and translational choices can be made explicit to the student and as he/she encounters the text, he/she can also have access to an understanding of elements of methodology and implications predetermined by the scholar. By making the translational choices of the scholar explicit, the digital edition can enable students to become aware of the translational and editorial process. Exposing portions of the translational and editorial process will enable the student to more fully understand, comprehend, and analyze the text, thus moving forward the student’s research and scholarship. This project begins with a consideration of digital scholarly editions and commercial digital resources (such as SparkNotes), followed by a discussion of the translation of Le Fresne, by Marie de France. These two discussions are then applied in the creation of a model for digital scholarly editions.


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