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Master of Arts (MA)


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Ann Haugo


Both musicals and stories about teenage girls are genres that tend to be overlooked by scholars, and to not receive serious analysis. Some scholars may dismiss these genres as being shallow and unworthy of scrutiny through a critical lens. However, much may be learned about patriarchal influence on teenage girls in musicals such as Mean Girls, Heathers the Musical and Carrie: The Musical. This thesis analyzes the patriarchal influence on the teen girl characters in these three musicals, using Girl Studies and feminist theory. This study applies arguments that state that patriarchal influence is what causes girls to form cliques, in order for them to feel powerful in a world that disenfranchises them, and applies it to these musicals. The cliques that arise inspire conformity, which causes a loss of individuality. Only when the teenage girls in Mean Girls, Heathers, and Carrie are able to break free from patriarchal expectations are they able to truly find their own identities.


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