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Doctor of Education (EdD)


School of Teaching and Learning

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Steven B. Mertens


This quantitative study was used to investigate Illinois automotive educator professional development needs and to identify the demographic landscape of Illinois secondary and post-secondary automotive teachers. The study should bring a greater understanding of what automotive teachers feel they need to learn in order to continue as successful educators. A modified Borich (1980) needs assessment model was used to identify the perceived importance and ability levels for 32 professional competencies. Mean Weighted Discrepancy Scores (MWDS) were calculated using the importance and ability scores in order to report the professional development need. The administered survey was also utilized to examine their level of education, level of teacher preparation, the length of automotive teaching experience, age, and type of school in which they served. An effort was made to discover any unique professional development needs based on these listed demographic categories. Understanding what automotive teachers in Illinois are struggling with will go a long way in working to establish support systems for the teachers.


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