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Master of Science (MS)


Department of Family and Consumer Sciences

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Julie Schumacher


This research aimed to examine how Instagram can be used as a means of education for collegiate athletes and their knowledge of protein. More specifically this research aimed to compare the prior knowledge about protein that collegiate athletes have to the knowledge they may have retained after being exposed to posts on Instagram about protein. It also aimed to determine the knowledge of protein collegiate athletes already had and if their sport and year in school influenced their protein knowledge. This study surveyed Division I collegiate athletes on their social media use and knowledge of protein before and after being exposed to protein related post on Instagram. The results of this study showed that there was no significant difference in participants knowledge of protein after being exposed to protein related posts on Instagram. It also showed college athletes’ protein knowledge has no correlation with their sport or year in school, yet there was a correlation between Instagram post interaction and post-survey scores. This study concluded that athletes find Instagram nutrition posts helpful and felt they retained the information that was provided yet it is unclear if educational social media posts about protein can improve collegiate athletes’ knowledge of protein. It also provides some evidence that collegiate athletes already have a fair understanding of protein. Nutrition educators and coaches can utilize these results as they explore new options for educating athletes about nutritional needs.


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