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Doctor of Education (EdD)


Department of Special Education

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Carrie Anna Courtad


Objective: In this study, I sought to determine what tools are used during assessment and service delivery decisions. Also, the study worked to explore O&M specialist’s perceptions of factors impacting assessment results and service delivery decisions. Methods: A survey was employed to gather this information from O&M specialists spread throughout Midwest region of the United States. Seventy six O&M specialists completed the survey sharing about their experiences with O&M assessments and service delivery decisions. Analysis was completed using Microsoft Excel and a researcher establish codebook. Results: The participant’s caseloads and employment details varied greatly from one to another. The results showed a combination of 5 assessments, 2 service delivery decision tools, and professional judgement used by O&M specialist in the region. Outside of assessment results, participants report that three primary themes impact service qualification and delivery decisions. Conclusion: O&M service delivery decisions are commonly impacted by the student, the district, and the O&M specialist. Additional factors may be unique to the O&M specialist or their employment situation. More research is needed to replicate these results in different regions of the United States for generalization.


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