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Doctor of Education (EdD)


Department of Educational Administration and Foundations: Educational Administration

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Dianne Renn


Aligned with contemporary research on developing effective school leaders, a consortium of state principals’ associations established the School Leader Collaborative and developed the School Leader Paradigm (School Leader Collaborative, 2016) to help school leaders be intentional about their professional growth. This study used descriptive analysis to compare the School Leader Paradigm’s competencies and attributes with the development of school principals’ leadership at each of four phases of their careers: Aspiring, Launching, Building, and Mastering. A descriptive analysis of the full range of this study’s data, identifying the attributes, competencies, and intelligences that school leaders at each phase of their development viewed as least important to most important is included. This study found that reputable school leaders identified (1) some attributes as important throughout the four phases of their careers, (2) some attributes as important at particular phases of their careers, and (3) an increased importance in Systems Intelligence at the Mastering Phase of their careers. This study’s results can provide the School Leader Collaborative, state principals associations, principal preparation programs, superintendents, and school leaders themselves with insights to support the professional development of school leaders.


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