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Master of Arts (MA)


Department of Languages, Literatures, and Cultures

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Mir Monserrat


The present action research evaluated the teacher’s perception and the students’ attitudes and practices over the impact of applying a flipped learning model for a basic Spanish course. Unlike previous studies that have evaluated the model considering students’ perceptions and language performance, this study also considered the teacher in a cyclical process of using the flip model. The intervention consisted of four classes that dealt with grammar topics transferred into tutorial videos and in-class activities to practice the content from the videos. To gain a broader spectrum of the teacher’s perception, this study used questionnaires, and field journals designed to obtain both numerical and non-numerical data from the teacher and the students. Although several inadequacies influenced in the implementation of the flip model, this action research highlighted the process of implementing a new model and the cyclical phases. The results from the study indicated that assignment completion is pivotal for the model to work. Additionally, when the flip model is implemented properly, the role of the teacher is more of a facilitator. The Q&A session suggested by the model helps to discuss and build grammar knowledge in a bidirectional way between students and teacher.


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