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Master of Science (MS)


School of Teaching and Learning

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Miranda Lin


The main purpose of the study was to investigate multiculturalism and multicultural education perspectives and practices of elementary school teachers in Indonesia. The research was designed as a qualitative case study which focused on seven elementary school teachers as study participants. In this study, semi-structured interviews are used to evaluate teachers’ understanding of culture as defined by Creshaw (1989, 2008) and multiculturalism concept by using four levels of understanding multiculturalism as defined by Nieto (1994, 2017). As well as elementary school teachers’ practices of multicultural education implementation as outlined by Banks (1999, 2019). The results of the study showed that all study participants had an idea of what multicultural and multicultural education with different levels of understanding and implementation. The findings also indicate the needs of professional development about multicultural education for teachers to extend their perspectives for the better practices in implementing multicultural education.

Elementary School Teacher, Multiculturalism, Multicultural Education, Teachers’ Perspectives, Teachers’ Practices, Indonesia


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