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Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)


Department of Educational Administration and Foundations: Educational Administration

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Elizabeth Lugg


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Teachers are the key to shifting the way learning happens in the classroom. However, teachers are not always skilled in inquiry, critical thinking, and historical impact. Teaching with primary sources provides a context from which to educate preservice teachers in these essential skills. This dissertation focuses on the nature of primary source instruction in preparing preservice teachers to teach social sciences at the K-8 level. This qualitative study explores education methods professors’ practices for educating preservice teachers to use primary sources in their classroom instruction. Social Science methods professors in Illinois were observed, interviewed and an analysis of their syllabus was conducted to determine effective instructional practices using primary sources. There are limited studies that explore practices of methods professors to include primary sources and the nature of their use in their curricula. This study will attempt to add to the higher education literature about the nature of primary source instruction in social science methods courses and begin the conversation about a Primary Source Instructional Framework that emerged from this research data.

KEYWORDS: primary sources; secondary sources; primary source instruction; inquiry; preservice education; methods courses


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