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Doctor of Education (EdD)


Department of Special Education

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Debra Shelden

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Tara Kaczorowski


During clinical experiences, in-service teachers provide models of instruction for pre-service teachers to learn. With the inclusion of students with special needs in general education settings, these models of instruction often include co-teaching. It is vital for pre-service teachers to see productive co-teaching models since co-teaching is a complex form of instruction differing greatly from traditional solo instruction. Currently there is a dearth of research in the fields of co-teaching and special education regarding the influence of perceived quality of co-teaching modeled in clinical experiences and the development of pre-service teacher attitudes and confidence toward co-teaching. This study sought to describe the co-teaching experiences special education pre-service teachers perceived as significant in developing their own co-teaching confidence and perceptions based on the perceived quality of co-teaching modeled by their cooperating teacher. In this multiple case study, I collected data from special education pre-service teachers regarding their experiences observing co-teaching in clinical placements using virtual interviews and online journals. I performed a thematic analysis of the data using deductive coding. I found participants’ perceptions of quality co-teaching were similar to those in the literature, indicating the pre-service teachers in this study adequately evaluated the co-teaching relationships they observed. Furthermore, participant responses indicated that their perception of co-teaching relationship quality appeared to influence their interest and confidence in future co-teaching as in-service teachers. These findings should be considered in the creation of systematic co-teaching preparation in teacher education programs, specifically in the placement and support of pre-service teachers in co-taught classrooms during clinical experiences.


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