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Doctor of Education (EdD)


Department of Educational Administration and Foundations: Educational Administration

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Dianne Renn


Due to shifting funding polices for community colleges, the role of the community college foundation has changed greatly from passive fund managers for the institution into active fundraisers. With over 15,000 individuals nationally serving in the volunteer role of community college foundation board member, and managing nearly one billion dollars in annual contributions, this is a key stakeholder group for community colleges. The importance of foundation board members will grow even faster as community colleges ask their foundations to expand as a revenue source for the college to complete their mission. With this increased role in the financial health of community colleges, understanding why these volunteer serve and how they see their role is vital. After conducting interviews with community college foundation board members across the state of Illinois, three archetypes emerged to describe community college foundation board members: The Super Fan, The Innocent Bystander, and The Doubting Thomas. Using the lens of resource dependency theory, community college foundation board members recognize the greater demand from their linked community colleges. Greater questions emerge on what role the foundations should fill as neoliberal funding decisions have stretched community colleges into social service needs of their students.


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