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Doctor of Education (EdD)


Department of Educational Administration and Foundations: Educational Administration

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Phyllis McCluskey-Titus


Alternative Breaks are service trips that occur at colleges and universities all around the United States, but little is known of their long-term impact on the participants. This study explored how alumni of Alternative Break programs were civically engaged in their communities post-graduation. The survey instrument, modeled on the Life After College survey, was distributed nationally to Break Away member Alternative Break program alumni. The survey asked respondents to share information about their Alternative Break experience, such as if they served as a leader or went on international experiences. Respondents were also asked to share their post-college civic engagement experiences such as voting, volunteering, and philanthropic work. 520 responses were recorded from 68 different colleges and universities. Statistical tests from the responses included descriptive statistics, factor analysis, and analysis of variance. Significance was found for those who participated in leadership in the areas of philanthropy and volunteering. Students who attended international experiences had significance in community engagement, philanthropy, and political engagement. Finally, the number of trips attended had significance in the areas of philanthropy, community engagement, and volunteering. Several recommendations for future research and implications for practice are also shared.


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