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Master of Science (MS)


School of Information Technology: Information Systems

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Shaoen Wu


Security vulnerabilities in source code are traditionally detected manually by software developers because there are no effective auto-detection tools. Current vulnerability detection tools require great human effort, and the results have flaws in many ways. However, deep learning models could be a solution to this problem for the following reasons: 1. Deep learning models are relatively accurate for text classification and text summarization for source code. 2. After being deployed on the cloud servers, the efficiency of deep learning based auto-detection could be much higher than human effort. Therefore, we developed two Natural Language Processing(NLP) models: the first one is a text-classification model that takes source code as input and outputs the classification of the security vulnerability of the input. The second one is a text-to-text model that takes source code as input and outputs a completely machine-generated summary about the security vulnerability of the input. Our evaluation shows that both models get impressive results.


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