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Doctor of Education (EdD)


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Steven Mertens


Athletic training is an evolving and growing allied health profession. With recent changes in educational degree requirements and standards, many athletic training programs are reviewing current assessments. The AT Milestones project was developed to provide programs with a guide for student assessment within athletic training education programs (ATEPs). While these Milestones have slowly been implemented into select ATEPs, there is currently no published empirical research on the application of the AT Milestones in athletic training education. The purpose of this study was to examine athletic training educators’ perceptions of current clinical evaluations, and program evaluations’ alignment to the principles of the AT Milestones. The survey had a response rate of 13.2%. Overall, faculty including program directors and clinical coordinators were satisfied or very satisfied with their current clinical evaluations. The majority of respondents reported that they had a general understanding of the AT Milestones (50%). Programs seeking accreditation or in good standing were more likely to have made or are planning to make revisions to clinical evaluations and were more likely to implement the AT Milestones than those programs voluntarily withdrawing. The average AT Milestones Alignment Criteria Score (ATMACS) among the participating institutions was 55%, indicating an average alignment with the AT Milestones. This research seeks to contribute to the limited literature base on clinical assessments in athletic training and serve as a guide for administrators in developing clinical evaluations that best fit the needs of their respective programs.


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