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Master of Music (MM)


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Roy Magnuson


Open: Mind is a musical exploration of the curiosities of reality that exist outside of the “typical” state of human consciousness. I have been fortunate and unfortunate enough to perceive many things that most would consider impossible, and I believe a significant number of these experiences have fundamentally altered who I am as a human being. In consideration of this, my goal in writing and recording this piece was to create a musical representation of some of the sublime, horrific, and Earth-shattering experiences that have shaped me as a person. Although no score exists for the work, Open: Mind is divided into four movements without pause. The piece was composed and recorded over the course of 14 months in Ableton Live using a variety of acoustic and synthesized instruments, and liberally taking advantage of these timbral disparities to create sound worlds that can be both alien and nostalgic. KEYWORDS: New music, Electronic Music, Music Composition, Microtonality, Art Rock


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