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Master of Science (MS)


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Jeffrey J. Kahn


Listening to music is a widespread activity. Openness to experience in particular has been found to be one of the personality dimensions that most consistently predicts music preference. However, the singular facets of openness to experience have never been looked at in depth. This study tried to uncover the impact that openness to experience facets of both the five factor model (FFM) and HEXACO model of personality have on music preference. A total of 478 undergraduate Psychology students enrolled at Illinois State University participated in the study by accessing a Qualtrics survey. Participants completed two openness to experience measures (FFM and HEXACO) and two music preference measures, one using music genre-labels to measure music preference and the other using musical excerpts ratings to measure music preference. Similarly to Rentfrow and colleagues (2011), five dimensions of music preference were observed for the musical excerpts measure. All of the openness facets were significantly positively correlated with all of the music preference dimensions aside from the unpretentious one. Latent profile analysis (LPA) revealed three latent profiles of music preference. This study shows that openness to experience facets may predict music preference in a more specific way compared to general openness to experience, suggesting attention when using openness to experience to predict music preference. Further, meaningful patterns of music reference were uncovered by LPA, which might have important implications both for the field of music preference research and the commercial distribution of music.


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