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Master of Arts (MA)


Department of Languages, Literatures, and Cultures

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Montserrat Dr. Mir


The present study evaluated student academic performance on grammar focused tasks in a Spanish L2 flipped classroom compared to a non-flipped classroom as well as examined learners’ attitudes towards the implementation of the flipped model in the Spanish L2 instruction. This research included a between-group design, which involved a control group being instructed via a flipped approach and a comparison group learning the same material under a non-flipped model; and a within-group design with a group of learners combining these two different methodologies during one semester. Results in grammar-focused pre and post-tests indicated that Spanish L2 learners did not improve their target language performance notably more in the flipped learning approach than in the non-flipped learning format. In fact, findings in the within-group analysis indicated that students performed better in the non-flipped model of instruction. Student answers in an end-of-semester questionnaire showed that learners in this study had mainly negative opinions towards the flipped learning approach. Despite having pointed out some positive features, learners manifested a clear preference for the teacher explaining grammar concepts in the classroom and highlighted a great number of disadvantages of the flipped model, especially regarding level of understanding and difficulty, grading system and lack of clarification.


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