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Doctor of Education (EdD)


Department of Educational Administration and Foundations: Educational Administration

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Linsay DeMartino


Black high school students who attend majority-white schools are educated in environments that are contradictory to their cultural backgrounds. Because the teachers at these high schools tend to be mostly white, Black students in these environments t typically feel a lack of connection or that they do not belong. In this qualitative study, I explored the relationships between Black students and their white teachers. Data sources for this study included interviews of both Black students and their teachers. From the data, I found that Black high school students need the following from their teachers: (1) check in on them regularly; (2) talk to them to determine any unmet needs; (3) use kind, caring tones when speaking to them; and (4) respect them in tone and treatment. The implications of my findings could be beneficial to students, teachers, and school districts as they work to understand how best to support and understand the needs of their Black high school students and their success.KEYWORDS: Black students; white teachers; critical whiteness; white gaze; needs


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