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Master of Science (MS)

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Judith Briggs


Art Education as a Tool of Feminist Resistance in Iran is a thesis that explores the use of art education as a form of resistance against patriarchy and gender inequality in Iran. Iran's historical and cultural background is examined in this study, along with the effects of the Islamic Revolution and the place of women in society. I interviewed Iranian female artists, art educators, and activists using an ethnographic research methodology to learn about their perspectives on using art education as a form of resistance. This research explores the various ways that art education can be a tool of resistance, including encouraging critical thinking, the development of alternative narratives, and promoting a sense of community and solidarity. It also makes the case that art education can give women a voice and a platform to question gender norms and expectations in a culture that frequently tries to silence them. The thesis highlights the challenges Iranian female artists and educators face in their efforts to use art education as a tool of resistance. These challenges include censorship, lack of funding and resources, and threats. Despite these challenges, the study emphasizes the resilience and determination of Iranian women in their pursuit of gender equality and social justice. It also highlights the critical role that art education can play in promoting gender equality and challenging patriarchal structures and offers insights and recommendations for future research and policy interventions to support and empower Iranian women.


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